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Homosocial special
This is the London branch of Australian fetish-aware gay dance party TROUGH, started in 2005 by Greek-Australian Nik Dimopoulos, who has staged his Melbourne and Sydney gatherings at the crossroads of sleeze, artiness, kitsch, SM, satire and fetish, appealing to "jocks, bears, hunks, queers, beards, twinks and in-betweeners". Dimopoulos uses only the finest techno to activate his dance floor, with Berghain's DJ Boris kicking off the London chapter. Dimopoulos is also good with a camera and likes to document the events. First ever London event: 28 January 2017 (at The Vaults in Waterloo), then May 2017 (at The Coronet in Elephant & Castle), then Fire etc. Check website for future events.


Upcoming Events at TROUGH London

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      hslut 3 months ago
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      I will come to Through Party aug 26th 2017
      will come to Through aug 26th 2017