The Fryer's Delight

100% love it
Central London's tastiest fish & chips
About a ten-minute walk south-east of the British Museum (and 15 minutes east Soho) you'll find central London's premier spot for fish & chips. A rather small space with limited seating and decor that is reassuringly stuck in 1968, the Fryer's Delight is renowned for using beef fat, resulting in some of the most pleasing chips available to Londoners [ask for them well-done]. Fish is fresh and delicious, and a mug of tea is just the right thing to wash it down with. For lovers of reliably good food served in a no-frills cab-driver-friendly environment. Service is polite but not necessarily chirpy.


    • DavidOPerson
      DavidOPerson Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Unusually nice flavour, especially the chips done in beef fat. And yes, the chips are better well-done.

    • listerc
      listerc Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Best central fish + chips. Don't forget to ask for the chips well done.