100% love it
Best-kept secret Malaysian
Cheap and unusually delicious Malaysian food from two native women (Sharizah Hashim and Marliza Ariff) who've lived in the UK since the 1990s and have decided to share their old and very good family recipes, tweaked here and there for modern effect. For those who know their way round Malaysia, the authentic cooking comes from Johor Bahru, at the very southern end of the country. Ordering food involvies much mixing and matching from an impressive and detailed menu that changes often, but with daily assurances of beef, chicken, lamb, vegetarian and that popular omeletty dish. Plus spring rolls, fish sausage and other specialities. Even the rice is good. 'Dapur' translates as 'kitchen'. Located in a quaint little passage off the north-east corner of Red Lion Square, just near Conway Hall. Opened March 2014. Tube station: Holborn.