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Determinedly trendy East End pub
A rough-looking pub with a green Christopher St sign protruding from its violet and mauve exterior, the sizeable Joiners Arms is a magnet for the post-club crowd at weekends, drawn to its down-and-dirty, seedy 'charm'. The current space bears little resemblance to its former incarnation as an unfussy and sex-friendly gay male boozer; it's now more of a bastion of East End arty hipness. Tube station: Old Street, then an eight-minute walk east via arty/trendy Hoxton/Shoreditch, past Columbia Rd [see entry in Shops] and diagonally opposite Christina's Handbags. Closed on 15 January 2015 (owing to planned redevelopment of site), with new location TBA. In December 2014 a public group named Friends of the Joiners was set up to save the pub. In January 2016 Alex Eugenio created Eastern Heights [see entry] at Zigfrid von Underbelly in Hoxton Square, with DJ dance parties on the last Sunday of the month. As of 2017 there's good news for the pub's future. Planning stipulates the following: "Right of First Refusal Option for LGBT+ operator to take up a commercial lease upon the consented Public House (A4 Use Class) unit." In October 2017 Tower Hamlets council voted unanimously that the demolition of the Joiners Arms could go ahead only if the development that replaced it contained a late-night LGBT venue. Watch this space. It remains a mystery as of 2019.