Commercial Tavern

88% love it
Hip-minded gay-friendly corner pub in a hip part of town
High-octane decor-conspicuous 'straight' establishment that is a magnet for a cross-section of stylish drinkers for casual hanging out. Located in richly beautiful, Spitalfields, this corner bar is within easy reach of trendy Hoxton/Shoreditch but is geographically removed just enough to not seem like part of that scene. Buzzy yes, but goes to bed like a normal pub at 11pm. Same owner as Soho's more gay Friendly Society [see entry]. Tube station: Liverpool Street.


    • Michaelfs6
      Michaelfs6 12 hours ago

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    • zachary81
      zachary81 Over a year ago

      If you never been barred from a bar, This is the place to visit, -)

    • CelticBiker
      CelticBiker Over a year ago
      Hates it

      Have often been in here as it's one of my walkable locals, but queer-friendly? Really? Has anyone ever met anyone else of the same persuasion, or just the usual, up-their-own-arse local trendies out to see and be seen? Please burst my bubble and shatter my disillusionment, but don't trowel on the bullshit, we don't need it round here.

    • freshlyroasted
      freshlyroasted Over a year ago
      Loves it

      semi gay semi str8
      semi gay semi str8 - my sort of place

    • sac
      sac Over a year ago
      Loves it

      cool camp in shoreditch
      Cool pub with a mixed crowd....great music...and cool camp decor

    • StuartH
      StuartH Over a year ago

      great place - love Maria