The Locker Room

86% love it
Casual sauna welcoming gay and bi-sexual men
Small south London venue set on two floors, including basement. Facilities include a 15-man sauna (with video) showers, and ten relaxation cabins, three of them with glory holes and one with a sling. Plus a cinema showing the latest blue movies, free internet access, coffee bar and complimentary drinks. Strips naked on specificed evenings, plus themed events including Bear Night (Monday), Lads and Dads (every third Wednesday, Bi Bi Baby (bi-sexual night, ever first and third Thursday) etc. Best to check website. Not central, but not prohibitively far away either. Claims to be London's only gay-owned and gay-run sauna. Some report cleanliness issues. Established 1984, taken over in 1999, renovated 2011. Nearest tube station: Kennington [Northern Line, ten minutes south of Leicester Square].


    • Nicnow
      Nicnow Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Great time had by all
      What a friendly and sexy venue. I found the place had everything you would expect from a sauna and it was certainly clean. The staff were really welcoming and the place was busy - I was there on a Sunday morning. Plenty of fun to be had and none of the usual attitude - will be back.

    • 12roy30
      12roy30 Over a year ago
      Loves it

      fun place
      been there a few times now and i must say i have had a good time,anything you want is at hand so to speak, will be back soon

    • SelfLubing
      SelfLubing Over a year ago
      Hates it

      Needs a tidy up...
      Went here for one of the Wednesday night private parties back in February of 2011 - a naked night. It was my first naked event ever and I was nervous as hell. The place is small, and really does need a major remodel. It was crowded for the naked night, and there were a few really fit young guys there for a while - I even got to cop a good feel of one for a while in the sauna. The big problem was they only had two guys on duty, and the place really needed more cleaning that it got. I ended up slipping on a huge puddle in the orgy area and was lucky not to hurt myself.

    • waynekerr
      waynekerr Over a year ago
      Hates it

      First time for me
      Well, my friend "X" and I met at Vauxhall in London and walked past the Oval to Kennington, where we had a relaxing drink before visiting The Locker Room. Initial entry at 13:30 on Sunday was a bit difficult - we rang the bell, and after about 30 secs got a voice message that the reception man would be back soon - so after about 2 more minutes he arrived and let us in. It was my first sauna visit, and this sort of wait might have worried me if I'd been on my own. But there was only one chap on duty, so he was a bit overstretched. We signed in - entry time, first name and locker number were all recorded, and then went downstairs to the small changing room - of course we then realised that the towels were not downstairs, so X had to go back upstairs to get them. We then wandered around to get our bearings, and discovered the real size of the place! I had read that they had a refit in the early summer, almost doubling the size of the place. But we were really surprised at how small the place still was! From the changing room downstairs (just enough room for one bench in the middle) you go through past a cubicle with a a decent sling, and another three with glory holes (more later!), a smoking area, urinal, toilet, watersport shower, sauna (suitable for 10, but certainly not 30!), shower (for 3),video area with two more cubicles, then upstairs where there is a large bed outside the cubicles (one with a small sling), then a steam room, and a main area with 5 couches in two areas, with screens showing silent gay porn (shuffled from a hard disk, so there is repetition). There is also complimentary tea, coffee, water and squash in the reception area where they have mainstream TV showing. We started off by showering, and then using the steam room. We then found the "upper" sling room - very small and just enough room for two to get in through the door! There was a day bed outside and I would love to know what the blokes there are thinking of when they can hear everything from the cubicles! I guess the lighting, which was very low, is for mood etc, but a dimmer switch might have been useful - to turn it up whan we needed to find things, and then back down ... We made good use of this cubicle... Then, back to the showers to clean (no tissues in the cubicles, just a bin for the condom and lube sachets that you pick up from the reception area). The shampoo/soap from the dispenser seemed to cope with the combination of cum, sweat and lube that seemed to be smothered over my torso! Next a series of steam and sauna room visits - I lost track of X at this point, as a young chap wanted his attentions in the steam room, and wanked in front of him which X did not want so he left. Chap then approached another who said "no" as he was resting. Chap then left. X returned a few minutes later. The layout and size of the place means that there is a "circuit" but you do keep seeing the same people and it can be difficult to get rid of a stalker. We then wanted to use the bigger slingroom, but every time we went past it there was as older man there already prone - but never with any punters! So we used the original sling room again, but then found that me crouching down was more comfortable. I did make some loud noises, so it was interesting to see the faces of the men on the bed outside when we finally emerged. Back to the showers, steam, sauna, shower routine, The old chap was still in the better sling (but without any action), so we took a cubicle which we then discovered had two glory holes! Finally, the older single bloke finally vacated the larger sling room, so we made a beeline for it! However, once hoisted into the sling, the light went off !! We couldn't find any way of restoring it, so carried on in total darkness - very sensual! I'm glad I went with a trusted friend on my first sauna experience. We were always up for a really horny time with each other. But there were only a few chaps I would have considered getting intimate with there. Of course, it's a random event so you can't predict the talent on offer, although they seemed to be getting younger in the late afternoon! W.

    • simply1981
      simply1981 Over a year ago
      Hates it

      A waste of my time, seriously.
      Very small place. The only hot fit chaps are the staff. And it's in Zone 2 of the London Underground.

    • kcuk78
      kcuk78 Over a year ago
      Hates it

      Have been here about 5/6 times its not bad but is certainly not good either. It tends to attract a more middle aged older crowd. Its very friendly but very very small. You can gauge the whole venue including its occupants in 10mins, after this most people sit around in the lounge are chatting plus waiting for someone new to walk through the front door.

    • bobby01
      bobby01 Over a year ago
      Loves it


    • steverose798
      steverose798 Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Fun and friendly
      Quite small but good atmosphere.