72% love it
Nonstop round-the-clock cruising
Clean, dark and stylish round-the-clock men's sauna and spa (for gay and bi-sexual men) that perhaps ranks second only to Chariots in terms of popularity, with two large dry saunas (up to 20 men), two steam rooms in close proximity to two dark rooms, stainless steel spa, a vast maze, tanning shower, cinema, 24-hour café and a 400-locker changing room. As of 2016 there are "deluxe pods" which can be rented for two to eight hours. Plus "London’s largest gay spa pool". Serves alcohol. Opened 1996. And gay-owned. Located not too far south of Waterloo Bridge. Attracts a slightly younger crowd. Also just seconds away from recommended gay-owned cake outlet Konditor & Cook [see entry]. During the 2020/21 COVID-19 closure, Pleasuredrome was remodeled and refurbished, with steam rooms and saunas completely rebuilt, a new bar area created and new showers and toilets installed.


    • watch out
      Nice clean modern facilities. Did not find the dark room if there is still one. However when I left I was accosted by a couple of European guys one of whom pretending to want to go home with me and being very intimate. Luckily I had my wits about me and got my mobile phone back that he had taken from my back pocket. Take care when you leave there.

    • stevenlavigne
      stevenlavigne Over a year ago
      Loves it

      I went here one night in the summer 2005, and haven't had the opportunity to go back, but I would love to. The building itself is fascinating. It's underneath Waterloo Station and down the street from the Old Vic Theater. I had a nice time in the steamroom with one man, and in a private room had a lovely time with an Asian man who wanted to spend more time with me (Alas, I was on my way to Scotland, or I'd have taken him up on the offer.) The hot tub was incredible, because there are rollers you can relax your back on. I loved it!

    • wildbottom
      wildbottom Over a year ago
      Loves it

      As long as you don't mind the obvious drug peddling, have at it. I found the fun I needed and avoided the drama so all was good. I liked the dark room with the black leather furniture and found some extra fun in there, but the sauna had a weird smell so I avoided it.

    • Ric1981
      Ric1981 Over a year ago
      Hates it

      Avoid. Arrogant and selective.
      Rude security guys. Used to be a relaxing place, not anymore. You will be threatened to be kicked out if your towel falls at the wrong part of the sauna, or to be even kicked out, if you buy too many drinks from the bar!!! They will not let you in if they think you're too far, or you've been to another bar before. Complete disgrace. There are better options in London.

    • pogienardz
      pogienardz Over a year ago
      Hates it

      good crowed, dirty and stinky steam room (Turkish bath)
      The sauna is good. clean overall. The crowed is mixed with young and older. mostly good looking and some out of shape. the toilet is very disappointing. very dirty. dark, messy and stinks. they don't have douche to clean up. Jacuzzi is clean and big. The 2 Steam room (Turkish Bath) stinks, both of them. and very dirty. the dry sauna (Finnish Sauna) is clean. the rooms/cabins are dirty. no tissue to clean it up. Lube and condoms available at the counter for free.

    • roy_1948
      roy_1948 Over a year ago
      Loves it

      nice, clean place
      Clean with lots of facilities. Varied customers, though few really young guys. I'm retired and I've always been able to find willing partners. Not been there during the weekend but during the weekdays it was fine, more people there after about 4 pm. Fairly easily to get to with public transportation. A relaxed environment, I'll go again.

    • Neilbristol
      Neilbristol Over a year ago
      Hates it

      Staff rude and with attitude
      Went there last Week for the second time.again a mix of older people and twinks. The venue is clean and well decorated but the some areas have a really nasty bad smell. The staff is rude, full of attitude and hardly speak English. When making some remark the manager suggested: "if you're not happy there other saunas in London". And there are, with better atmosphere and welcoming staff! I will never return

    • Hammer
      Hammer Over a year ago
      Hates it

      Dante's inferno
      The dark, joyless underbelly of London gay life. The scene of drug-related deaths and sexual assaults. Customers of all ages walk round in a futile, endless loop looking for something that doesn't exist. And the staff are deeply hostile and resentful.

    • hotbluemtal
      hotbluemtal Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Love it!
      Okay to start off it may seem a bit dingy but I really like it, Its underground (well under the underground). I went there today with someone I met online, started sucking him off in the saunas before we went to one of the booths where he took me doggy for a while. But we both wanted to get someone else for a 3 some so we went for a look in the dark room. Immediately two guys followed and one with his cock out, a big one. I took it straight away and started sucking him off before we went to his private booth and he fucked my doggy as well before cumming over my ass, he fucked me so hard but good. After that I went to the movie room and met a guy there who sucked me off for while, then I left him to go to the dark room but couldn't find anyone there so I went back and met the same guy again. We went to a booth, sucked each other and he fucked me for a bit but we kinda started talking for a long time and he turned out to be a pretty awesome guy. This was just my visit today, my previous visits have all been great so far! I'd love to go again soon, If anyone wants to come with, email me at, 21 yr old bottom here

    • LondonGuy123
      LondonGuy123 Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Popular gay sauna
      I\'ve been to Pleasuredrome quite a few times and I think interms of cleanliness and facilities it\'s probably the best in town. Every time I\'ve been there it looked very clean and well kept. \nI wouldn\'t say it\'s the most popular sauna in London but it has a fair amount of visitors especially on the weekends. The crowd is mixed.

    • richard.kiddle
      richard.kiddle Over a year ago
      Hates it

      You will probably find easy sex here easily,especially at weekends. What you won't find is any relaxation.good facilities,good customer service or value for money. It is also worth mentioning that there have been cases of rape here and at least 2 drug-related deaths-despite the Gestapo-like staff patrolling the damn place every 5 minutes with torches (including all the relaxation/sex rooms)-which is a total buzz-kill and over-the-top. Don't be fooled by Pleasuredrome's glossy marketing literature-this Sauna is run-down,dirty & more likely to be filled with drug-addled and drunk folk than the models in the advert. It is currently £15 to get in plus you need a £1 coin (refunded when you leave) for your locker. You will find one small sauna room, 2 steam-rooms which are always far too hot to sit in for long. There is a small dark-room and a nice large Jacuzzi, a massively over-priced bar and a so-called relaxation area. I say "So-called" because it consists of uncomfortable metal seats, wobbly bar stools and an area where you can lie down. The manky "leather" cushions on the seats and rest area are cracked, smelly & haven't been replaced in years. If you want a private room with an actual lock on the door where you can have fun in private you will have to pay £3 for 2 hours. Come on Pleasuredrome,this is a basic facility included in the entrance fee for all other saunas I can think of. The showers are often cold & soap dispensers often broken or empty. Pleasuredrome would do well to learn from some of the gay saunas in Europe & Asia-which actually have comfortable relaxation facilities and-shock horror-even play classical and chill-out music during the day instead of 24/7 rave. I would advise spending an extra £4 & go to Chariots Shoreditch for a proper sauna experience.

    • Hernan.cub
      Hernan.cub Over a year ago
      Loves it

      First time
      I want to come to know this place

    • GTVlondon
      GTVlondon Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Best sauna in London
      Love this place - definitely the best sauna in London.

    • tp2k
      tp2k Over a year ago
      Hates it

      No let-up in staff patrols
      Visited this weekend and never again. Not as busy as the likes of Chariots and the staff have a seriously bad attitude. They patrol the second floor CONSTANTLY with their flash lights, shining them under doors when the feel like it, making customers feel awkward, uneasy and unwanted. It was very unsettling and very unnecessary. I will not be returning to Pleasuredrome any time soon.

    • londonlover
      londonlover Over a year ago
      Hates it

      Too much attitude. Too many old men.
      Staff have attitude. Always opening private cabins when they are occupied. Place is busted for drug abuse on a regular basis. Now they've banned people taking their bags in and even poppers. Avoid.