Hoxton Dungeon Suite

50% love it
East End toys
Gay-friendly, heavily equipped SM apartment with a Main Room (bondage Chair, bondage Stool, ladder back chair, St Andrews Cross, whipping nench etc), the zingy-colourful Red Room (chesterfield chair, corporal punishment toys, full-length standing cage, vac-bed, rubber play equipment etc) and a fully domestic area. Located in Islington just slightly north of trendy Hoxton/Shoreditch and available for both daytime and overnight hire. Suitable for two or a party perhaps. Opened October 2012.


    • Giles
      Giles Over a year ago
      Hates it

      so glad we found out before we booked....
      We tried to organise a booking for a shoot, using the dungeon as a location. We had to politely decline the opportunity as it was too expensive for us and we also said that we didn't want to waste the time of the management and nor did we wish to, out of respect, to negotiate the price with them. We received a reply which simply said 'non-negotiable.' When we tried to explain that we had said that we didn't want to waste their time by haggling and their response was curt, even rude to say the least, we were then told that they didn't need our business. When we tried to explain again that we had been polite, considerate and straight about the booking, doing our best not to waste their time we were accused of causing 'drama' and in the end told to 'fuck off.'

    • Masterlothian
      Masterlothian Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Great S&M Apartment
      The Hoxton dungeon suite is a lavish haven for serious kink and fetish fun. The two play rooms are impressively equipped with a tantalising array of devices to suit every need of the b.d.s.m enthusiast. Training my slave over a period of two nights and a day in the suite was an absolute delight. My bedroom was clean, fresh and comfortable, I am not sure how my slave found sleeping in the cage, but then that was part of his training. I am sure to return again soon, to use the suite in an professional capacity. It certainly deserves the accolade of being a first class kinksters play-ground.