Amba Hotel Charing Cross Formerly: Charing Cross Hotel / Thistle Charing Cross / Amba Charing Cross Hotel

100% love it
Elegance located near nearly everything
Impressive hotel built in the 1860s as part of Charing Cross railway station. The Guoman group took over the hotel from Thistle and modernised it for its 2007 relaunch, with 239 luxurious rooms and junior suites. In October, following another major refurbishment, Amba (part of Thistle-owning glh group: Great London Hospitality) took over, with massive success. You don't get much more central this, just off Trafalgar Square and so very close to Soho and Covent Garden. There's a 24-hour gym, but no spa. UK free phone: 0800 330 8397.


    • archangel6770
      archangel6770 Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Location, location, location
      If you want a GREAT centrally located hotel in London than this is your place. Friendly staff & 3 Starbucks within walking distance with one of them directly out the front door and across the street. Soho, the West End, Covent Garden, the palace, and a great many other things to do within walking distance. For gay clubbers, G-A-Y Heaven club is located right under this hotel. Hint: for cheap eating there is a McDonald\'s and Pizza Hut to the right out the front door or visit Mark\'s and Spencer\'s out the front door and to your left. Closest tube station is right out the front door as well. I know it sounds like the whole of London is right outside the front door, but if you are willing to walk just a little then London is literally right out the front door. Would give it 6 Stars if I could!!