RUT (at Bloc South)

Discriminatingly down and dirty
Return of the niche leather/rubber-only club with a certain 'frisky London lad' sensibility, marked by dirty-minded consumers of leather, rubber and bare-arsedness on show (and available in big numbers). In short, recon-plus. Strict leather/rubber policy: No combats. No skin gear. No naked. No sports kit (but trainers allowed). No uniform. No fashion leather. No jeans (except under chaps). For those not in the know, 'rut' (and 'rutting') in the UK sense refers to a certain sexual tension (and activity) between ruminants. HOTWIRED co-creator Rob Rutt kicked off RUT in 2008, at The Hoist, then shifted to Electrowerkz in March 2011, then here and there. Following six years of dormancy, licking its chops, RUT was ready to pounce, and took over Wayne Shires's Bloc South in Vauxhall for a tester night on 7 October 2017, with hot results. Next RUT: Saturday 3 February 2018.


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