Jamie HP (Hoist Private)

100% love it
The Hoist's sexy afterlife
Jamie HP is the code name for a former established Hoist operative who keeps the memory of the fetish/naked club going with a busy roster of both private-membership and public-access parties. The overwhelming bulk of the events โ€” scheduled either weekly, twice monthly, monthly or bi-monthly โ€” are staged at sprawling and sexy Vauxhall stalwart Fire [see entry], whose several railway arches include Fire proper, Protocol and Mirror Arch, with Hoist events in each. Plus The Stable (29 Endell St, Covent Garden). Hoist Private parties, with membership easily arranged online, include H-Partyboys, The Stable (Horse Fair), The Barracks, SIR (Sex-in-Rubber) and Domination. Parties with traditional off-the-street access include the hugely popular SBN (Stark Bollock Naked) and NBN (Near Bollock Naked) [see entry], Subversion, Sports Bolt, Boys & Sirs, TFN (Total Fekking Nude), O-U-T (started July 2017) and, among others, Twisted. The schedule is subject to the odd last-minute change, so it's best to check the website. Very occasional events include the bulging party Sexcircus โ€“ a collaboration with Suzie Krueger's Hard On. The Hoist officially closed on 11 December 2016, aged 20. Plans are afoot for Hoist events in Manchester, Berlin and beyond, and in October the club resurfaced with a Mr Hoist context at the back of Fire, amid rumblings of a full-blown return in the rear arches.