Comptons of Soho

99% love it
Male-dominant Soho institution
Cruisy and casual two-floor pub attracting mostly non-perfumed guys, including leathermen in day wear (or in leather), bikers and bears. Comptons is mildly reminiscent of the now-defunct and much-missed Earl's Court pub the Coleherne, but not quite as convincingly sleazy. In short, vanilla in the rough. And with attentive barmen. Upstairs bar is decidedly more decorative and sit-down/relaxed. The pub is consistently busy, with men often spilling out onto the pavement smoking area (with heating lamp above), which provides an optimal view of the catwalk that is Old Compton St. Managed with aplomb on and off between 1998 and March 2017 by popular guv'nor Neil Hodgson, whose attention to detail included a carpet woven for Comptons from a pattern used aboard the Titanic and sister ship the Olympic. Hodgson left London, but the carpet remains (up on the first floor). The building, which dates from 1890 and which was damaged during the Second World War, originally housed The Swiss Hotel, which then became The Swiss Tavern and, in 1986, Comptons (originally with a bar down the middle dividing the room into two spaces). Nearby compatible watering holes include the King's Arms and the less cruisy (and more loud and friendly) Duke of Wellington [see entries]. In May 2017 Comptons changed hands, now under the domain that also includes nearby 'competition' the Duke of Wellington, the King's Arms, Admiral Duncan and Rupert Street [see entries]. Increasingly, and possibly down to the corporate links, the Wellington and Comptons appear to share clienteles. In June 2017 the hugely popular Monday deal — £2.50 for most drinks, from 5pm ― shrank to a mean minimum, limited to various spirits and the not so gay-popular Carling lager. Leather Alert: monthly, friendly and cruisy all-ages Leather Social [see entry], started up by Simon Allen in early 2013, meets every first Sunday from 5pm until 10.30pm in the upstairs bar.


    • catbrown4you
      catbrown4you Over a year ago
      Loves it

      I love it
      Amazing place....... Beer should be more cheaper!!!

    • paul.ladhams.5
      paul.ladhams.5 Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Excellent Bar
      Always my first stop when im in London, love the atmosphere in this place of an evening, very charged and fiery, and also quite good during the day.

    • Skindriver
      Skindriver Over a year ago

      If you ask nicely, they'll let you use one of the many electric sockets around on the walls, to plug in your phone/laptop charger.

    • omar101
      omar101 Over a year ago
      Loves it

      An institution
      Love the place, real men, real drinks, CHEAP drinks, good DJs. What else a man could possibly want!

    • Koeiseun
      Koeiseun Over a year ago
      Hates it

      Nice place
      Good beer...always find the crowd a bit more clickish that other pubs.

    • sydneytenor
      sydneytenor Over a year ago
      Hates it

      Oh dear
      I came here cause of the promise of leather men.. The whole pub smells like toilet, there is annoying 70's background music playing and the refulars are scary. It is however nice here on a weekend, outside, early evening in the sun during warmer weather

    • RuthlessDuchess
      RuthlessDuchess Over a year ago
      Hates it

      show, show, show off!!!
      A classic in gay SOHO, a lot of stearing and showing off outside (strangely clonic men all crowded together on a narrow piece of pavement), mostly nobody inside, and -notice the quotes pls- "action" in the rest rooms: basically men trying to get a look at your piece while havin' a wee. Pfffffff would be my main reaction.

    • Stevin
      Stevin Over a year ago
      Loves it

      I awlays go here
      I LOVE this place. Always crowded. Friendly crowd. Good place to pick up mags. And, you can drink on the streets!

      NIKILOSADA Over a year ago
      Hates it

      A local favorite local British bar located in the Shoho district. Older, reserved men; no hunks to speak of, and unless you have a grasp of different British accepts, you may not be able to maintain a coherent conversation. They bar is comprised of two floors with a minimal compliment of alcoholic beverages: No, Patron tequila, no Gray Goose, or Absolut vodka, no Bacardi 151%. Premium brands in Europe are what we get as well brands in the US. The only bright spot is across the street from was able to dine in Balans; excellent restaurant. From the restaurant you can see the place fill up to the point the crown spills outside the bar to fill the street; still no eye candy. Then suddenly at aground 11:00PM the crowd dissipates and the bar closes (11:00PM folks); Cinderella needs to go back home. Even on the weekends, and in the most popular areas of London the bars, restaurants are closed by 2:00AM. So is the subway system. I came out of a club thinking an evacuation order to leave the city was issued due to an impending nuclear attach, but no that London.

    • tfcfan
      tfcfan Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Old Compton Street legend
      This is a well established venue and perhaps the best known London gay pub. It is busy pretty much every night of the week. Slightly older crowd perhaps and quite cruisy as the evening progresses.