FLESH #4 -Fundraiser


FLESH is on a field trip to London, so we have temporarily exchanged the sticky velvet sofas of a working mens' club to the urban edgy edges of STYX. Set your bony bums down on our dusty concrete floors and be a part of FLESH for the evening! Order a Hooch or an MD 20 20 at the bar and be prepared for lashings of voluptuous dance, theatre, music, all set to a backdrop of glitter curtains and grubby warehouse floors. Think large orgy of theatre, nightclubs and arty show business.

This is a fundraiser night so that FLESH can bounce its way through 2017 and 2018, so we will be shaking you down for some shrapnel in exchange for games, photo opps and raffles.

Our brilliantly brawny line up will be revealed to you shortly!

FLESH is co-produced by independent artists Sian Myers, Fenella Ryan and Stephanie Potter who collaborate under the pseudonym, The Sinews. FLESH #4 - Fundraiser, will be hosted by Fenella Ryan and Sian Myers.

£5 TICKETS : https://billetto.co.uk/en/events/flesh-fundraiser


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