Eagle London Formerly: South Central

99% love it
Cruisy old-fashioned gay-pub atmosphere
Popular, nearly-all-male Vauxhall spot with an unusually pleasing and spacious outdoor patio/smoking area. The bar tends to draw conventionally manly guys — with bulky-bear barmen dominating the floor —and in October 2012 reinstated laid-back cruisiness to its weeknight policy. At the weekend it caters to various subsets and interests, mostly music-driven (all-female Debbie, 80s-retro Athena etc) and the ever popular Sunday evening boy/girl party Horse Meat Disco [see entry], but themed nights come and go as the bar struggles to maintain its grip on the fickle scene. Previously South Central and before that Duke's, the bar opened as the Eagle in 2004, reinvented by current owner Mark Oakley. In February 2013 the bar expanded its horizons with its first 'sex entertainment license' and in May 2016 closed for 17 days for "essential upgrades", including new and improved bar station and lighting. In autumn 2016 Oakley tweaked the ethos of the bar with the removal of the darkroom. Located a four-minute walk from Vauxhall tube station.


    • Rashidshabbir
      Rashidshabbir Over a year ago
      Loves it

      I'm going in this gay bar long time I enjoy too much when I there

    • markdonovan
      markdonovan Over a year ago

      Great staff
      I was surprised of Eagle London. I was expecting more, what i found was a comfortable lounge setting and relaxing out door . Did not have any of things that your would expect at an Eagle bar, what happen? Despite not having experiencing the dark , sexy , sleazy , ..fun . The bartenders were really pleasant to chill with.

    • toguydt
      toguydt Over a year ago
      Loves it

      very friendly
      comfortable bar, friendly staff and nice client-base - without the attitude

    • MahirM
      MahirM Over a year ago
      Loves it

      am top
      i like sucking nipls.ass.navel.Deep kissing fucking

    • scim
      scim Over a year ago

      Sunday night for Horse Meat Disco! Get in early on a Holiday weekend (chicken shop across the road does a great post party burger too)

    • richard.kiddle
      richard.kiddle Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Amsterdam-Style bar for Blokes
      My review refers to normal Mon-Thurs nights. This is a low-key and unpretentious bar attracting a mostly middle-aged crowd. Good music,friendly (& hot!) bar staff, porn on TV screens, a pool table and outside patio for smokers. Sometimes the bar is quiet, just the luck of the draw on the night. I'm not giving 5 stars because the dark-room area is a bit feeble & not very well thought out-just a couple of bits of camouflage netting. I realise the venue is restricted in what they can do with a small space that has to double as a dance floor but I think a little more imagination & thought could be put into making it a sexy space. As it is,guys tend to congregate in one small corner due to lack of privacy/anonymity and too much light in the rest of the room. Only in this respect does it not compare to other Eagle bars around the world which give a higher priority to the cruising space-here it feels like an afterthought.

    • davedude7
      davedude7 Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Dark and fun
      My favorite watering hole in London. Here for work a lot and always hit the Eagle. I can always find a hot hairy guy to take back to the hotel. Staff is friendly, locals are welcoming.

    • KieronKnight
      KieronKnight Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Friendly, hot and fun
      I am here a lot with two nights that I help run, R18 (last Saturday of the month) and Triga: Thursdays (first Thursday of the month). My review might be biased but its truthful. The guys are friendly, the bar staff and door men are hot, easy to talk to and genuinely nice guys. Even though its not a huge venue there is still a lot there. At weekends the place is packed with something happening every weekend it's full of hot guys

    • ukflyer
      ukflyer Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Friendly local bar, now broadening its appeal
      The Eagle is a well established Vauxhall bar that has very recently updated its weekday line-up to reflect changing technology and broaden its appeal. Nights featuring a make-shift dark room for sex on premises are no more. Having visited on some nights that could have been busier this is a positive move. There are different offers each night (the website has full details) including a strip show on Tuesdays and wrestling on Wednesdays. There are regular monthly nights on Saturday including "Carpet Burn" which is great fun and has attracted PAs from the likes of Angie Brown and Jaki Graham. Signature Carpet Burn tracks include "What Have You Done For Me Lately" by Janet Jackson and "Vogue" by Madonna. Sundays evenings are dedicated to the legendary Horse Meat Disco (see separate review). I find The Eagle a welcome antitode to other parts of the London scene and if you've overlooked The Eagle in the past, perhaps now is the time to give a valued part of the London scene a try.

    • TheBrian
      TheBrian Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Thursday night
      Can only speak on the one night I've been there. I went on a Wednesday night. Pretty typical divey type bar--that is, dark, a bit grimy, and inexpensive. I enjoyed it on the whole. There seemed to be a few regulars, though it was relatively empty (bear in mind this was a Wednesday night).

    • mgkbus
      mgkbus Over a year ago
      Loves it

      just what you'd expect, but friendlier.
      I've been to a few "Eagles" in a few places and this wasn't very different from what I come to expect. Dark bar, a DJ playing some nice wordless dancy tunes, a couple of screens with body parts on 'em, outside patio & a dark room. I'm not particularly shy when I've had a couple of guinness in me and I had a good time. Nice conversation w/P____, a handsome young man; bartenders appreciate yank-style tipping.