GEAR London

Berlin's leather bourgeoisie comes to London
After something in the region of 40 years, London leather stalwart Expectations closed its doors on 31 December 2016. The radically reinvented space, with orange as its anchor colour, re-opened in August 2017 as the first extracurricular outlet of GEAR Berlin. The change will constitute a definite upgrade, though at a price; Rob Dilly and Matthias Kaminsky's GEAR Berlin caters to a cash-comfy clientele. But the quality is there. Names Names Names: Langlitz (of Oregon), boot experts WESCO (of Oregon), Mr. S (of San Francisco), Berlin's own excellent rubber specialists Blackstyle and RubAddiction, plus the UK's Fetters and, in a London exclusive, RoB Amsterdam. Plus Dehner, Nasty Pig, CellBlock, Chippewa, Adidas and others. Plus a selective pick of sportswear and other body-hugging textiles, including (the increasingly omnipresent) GEAR-brand t-shirts. And there's a functioning shop-floor urinal. Tube stations: Old Street and Liverpool Street.