Gays love grooming
Years ahead of the transatlantic cultural beard expansion, former City gent and restaurateur Brendan Murdock set up shop — a neo-retro barbershp — in east London's Old Street, inspired by "the masculine luxury of the capital's Victorian male grooming establishments". That was 2006. Three years later he opened this golden-glow outlet in Covent Garden, immediately opposite the Monmouth Coffee House [see entry] and just minutes from Soho. The full whack of head treatment is on offer here, in classic style, while shelves are stocked with Murdock's extensive selection of house-brand hair and skin care products, tools and accessories. Other outlets include Shoreditch (46 Redchurch St), department store Liberty [see entry] and Hackett clothing stores in Covent Garden (King St), Chelsea (Sloan St) and Spitalfields (Brushfield St).