HMV Formerly: Foot Locker

100% love it
The UK's top retailer of movies and music
HMV (His Master's Voice) opened this flagship store in October 2013, selling CDs, DVDs, t-shirts, books and technology as it has done since the last century. However, this ever so brightly lit three-floor 'record store' (of a dying breed) is a considerably scaled-down version of the flagship store HMV opened so boldly in 1986 not far away at 150 Oxford St, which eclipsed the store previously at this location (it closed in 2001), which is also where the original HMV store opened in 1921. The bloated and formerly exciting but now dying 150 Oxford St outlet is due for closure in January 2014, leaving this lesser but still welcomed shiny-new-store-in-an-old-location as probably the biggest mainstream record store that Britain can do.