Hummus Bros

100% love it
For the love of chickpeas
Hummus nerdism executed with no-nonsense flair by two non-brothers whose attentiveness to detail and quality makes for an excellent snack/light meal or yummy novelty dinner. As you may have surmised, the healthy and cleansing Arabic spread dominates the menu here, while possibly welcomed distractions —prepared with the same high standards as the signature dish — take the form of smoky barbecued aubergine (US = eggplant), tabouleh, falafel, mushroom, chicken and chunky beef. Fresh juices, hot drinks and a few desserts round out the compact menu. Located about a minute north of Soho's Old Compton St, with a weekday-only branch in St Paul's and two Mon-to-Sat branches in Holborn and Exmouth Market.


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      Loves it

      A Pleasant Surprise
      At first glance, you might not think a meal with hummous as the base would do the trick. I was skeptical. But that quickly changed. Hummous is the star here, and they add a wide selection of vegetarian and meat toppings (I had lamb). The prices are reasonable, a rare find in SoHo. Probably because service is not automatically included in the bill, the waitstaff are fast, attentive and friendly -- so don't forget to tip!