Ladurée (at Harrods)

100% love it
Frou-frou French tea room behind Harrods
This 19th-century Paris institution made it to London in the early 21st century, spearheading a certain fashion for Ladurée's signature confection, the macaron — a two-bite double-decker egg white/sugar/almond concoction made in many unusual flavours. The Harrods outlet — accessed via the rear of the building — serves breakfast, lunch and afternoon tea to weary spenders. Closer to the center of town is the tiny grotto-like all-gold-effect Burlington Arcade takeaway outlet (in Piccadilly), which sells just macarons and a selection of superior-looking cakes. In 2012 Ladurée openedan in the main Piazza at Covent Garden. Cornhill in the City followed, then St Pancras etc. Accessible via the Hans Rd side of Harrods.