Pleasant Lady Jian Bing Trading Stall (TEMPORARILY UNDER MAINTENANCE)

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Tasty Chinese 'crèpes' from a window in Soho
Husband-and-wife foodies Alex Peffly and Canton-born Z He (Tea Room at Bun House) opened this single-purpose, (literal) hole-in-the-wall takeaway in Soho's Greek St in 2018. Their specialty is the jianbing – a crispy crèpe that's folded and stuffed with various spreads, a mound of fresh parsley, a piece of cracker-like fried dough and, for a tiny extra fee, Iberico char siu pork, cumin-spiced lamb or grilled miso chicken. It's a cheap, yummy, tangy and very popular Chinese breakfast staple that's served here for lunch and beyond. The Chinese spell it as one word whereas this stall spells it as two. Started in March 2018, available from a hatch-like window (next to a decorated door), literally 12 seconds north of Old Compton St. No cash; card only. In June 2018 the couple opened a sit-down branch in Old Spitalfields Market (16 Horner Square E1 6EW) and, from early 2020, a stall at Market Hall West End in Hollies St, off Oxford St. Greek St. warning: try for off-peak times. The operative prepares just two jianbings in one go, and the wait can feel very much like real time. Closed for maintenance as of February 2020.