Lina Stores (restaurant)

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Very good Soho Italian option
The restaurant outpost of Lina Stores [see entry] — one of Soho's two most famous Italian delicatessens (the other being I Camisa in Old Compton St). Opened in May 2018, this cosy but buzzy establishment serves tapas-plus portions of reasonably priced pasta and gnocchi dishes and desserts — much of it drawing from the tasty offerings at the Brewer St food shop. The facade of the restaurant, which is located halfway between Soho Square and Old Compton St, is marked by the same fountain green colour that has defined the shop for decades. The narrow but stylish ground floor space accommodates stools and counter service, with tables in the basement. This could become a classic in its own right. Watch this space. Closed Sunday. A full-on seven-day restaurant/deli opened in Kings Cross in November 2019 (20 Stable St, N1C 4DR).