The Heron

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Basement Thai mecca
A terrific Thai restaurant with a great air and flavour of authenticity about it, this homey, warm but rather basic basement establishment features a not at all offputtingly vast menu of dishes — including five different curries — that are linked mostly to either Bangkok or the northeastern region Isan, each prepared with an insider's touch. Choices veer from the familiar (chicken satay, green and red curries, pad thai and many other noodle-based items) to elaborate and spicy hot pots, 'exotic' fish-based dishes and the more controversial Isan specialty larb. The Heron is located in the basement of a local pub called...the Heron — a friendly and beer-serious boozer just around the corner from the Edgward Rd, and about ten minutes from both Hyde Park and Paddington. Karaoke non-fans beware: there's karaoke between 10pm and 11pm. This has been a Thai kitchen for quite some time, and the current owners took over in about 2008. Tube stations: Paddington and Edgware Road.