Café TPT

100% love it
Much better than your basic Chinese
Popular but pint-sized and relatively inexpensive Chinese restaurant (with budget decor) frequented mostly by the young and not so solvent, with Cantonese (and Malaysian) dishes well worth queueing for. The sizeable menu includes various sizzling and tasty hot pots — steamed pork slices, stuffed tofu, spicy aubergine + minced pork and the extra yummy vegetable, to name four) — plus deep-fried squid with chilli and salt, king prawns and scallops in XO sauce, spicy sautéed green beans etc. The ground floor fits about five tables, with another ten upstairs. Kindly service too. 'TPT' = 'Tai Pai Tong', which refers to the waning Cantonese/Hong Kong tradition of cheap and delicious street stalls and eateries.