Pizza Pilgrims

100% love it
Thoroughly convincingly Neapolitan pizza
Two Dorset-born brothers, James and Thom Elliot, got bored quickly with their day jobs, went to Italy, bought a three-wheeled van, toured pizza establishments up and down the country for six weeks in the autumn of 2011 and reinvented themselves as pizza artisans. From 2012 to 2013 they sold their light, yummy and strictly Neapolitan-style pizzas out of a van in Soho's Berwick St market, then in August 2013 opened their two-floor hot spot on the corner of Dean and Carlisle Streets, just west of Soho Square. The pizza is unfussy, excellent and now much-copied, but theirs surely remains London's best. Made with Neapolitan flour, its tasty crust will be fluffier and less crispy than expected for some, but that's the way it is. In 2018 they changed the crust to even lighter effect. Strongly recommended: ask for extra oil prior to baking (and a half-minute of extra baking for a crispy crust: 'crosta croccante' – the pizzaioli are genuine young Napoli men with so-so English). A perfect takeaway for lunch on the grass in Soho Square (or on one of the benches just out front). As of 2018 there's another branch nearby, just off Carnaby St in Kingly Court/Kingly St. Plus 15 Exmouth Market in Islington, 23 Garrick St in Covent Garden and 136 Shoreditch High St, plus a few more (but thankfully not enough to constitute a major chain).


    • CKDexterHaven
      CKDexterHaven Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Take the advice and ask for it to be baked for a half-minute longer, and, most importantly, with lots of extra oil. Best in London, and so close to Old Compton St.