Victoria Gay Hostel CLOSED JUNE 2012

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GayCities Members report that Victoria Gay Hostel CLOSED JUNE 2012 has closed
Exclusively gay hostel
If hotel amenities are not as much of a priority as meeting some fellow gay travelers outside of the bars, Victoria Gay Hostel could be for you. A minute's walk from Victoria tube/rail station, London's only 100% gay hostel offers two six-bed dormitories, each with three bunk beds and two communcal lounges, not to mention wireless internet access and private storage lockers. An inexpensive and safe place to sleep pink. Closed June 2012.


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    • ben.joyce.773
      ben.joyce.773 Over a year ago
      Loves it

      hostel now closed
      was hoping to stay here again few weeks ago, but when i got there the whole block is under new development (mind was well overdue) so not sure if they have opened up somewhere else or are waiting for development to finish but by the looks of it it will be some fancy new offices and shops???

    • zuchtbulle
      zuchtbulle Over a year ago
      Loves it

      seems to be closed
      I tried to book for another stay end of august. their booking system says there are availabilities, but the payment page of paypal redirects to merchant, as no payment is possible. they also don´t answer to any email. so i think it´s closed now. sadly as i always loved to stay at this verrry central location and meet some horny fellas nearly every night when coming home from the clubs. yes - they needed some improvement and a good tidying up, but it wasn´t that much worse from other london (straight) locations. unhappily this was the last affordable and gay men only place in whole -central- london. if anyone is up to open a new cheap dorm style stay, pls inform me immediately!

    • cubicle
      cubicle Over a year ago
      Hates it

      Inexpensive gay hostel? Yes. Clean? No.
      When I stayed there (twice in August 2009) it cost GBP 20 a night in the dorm. It's clean, cozy, has a friendly owner, very conveniently location next to Victoria Station and Victoria Underground. Offer free WiFi Internet. Entrance is a bit tricky to find. If you can't find it instantly, just call the landlord and he'll meet you downstairs. If you just need a place to crash and don't care about fancy service, just stay here. It's a good deal. If I visit London again, I will definately stay here again. I stayed at this hostel three times. Twice in August 2009 and once in April 2011. Back in 2009 I really liked the hostel. It was clean, cozy and had (still has) a great location, being right opposite of the Victoria Underground. Free WiFi is a plus, too. Having such a positive impression from 2009, I decided to stay at the same hostel again in April 2011. I was impressed (shocked) how filthy it had become since 2009. It seems that it has been run down, nothing has been repaired or cleaned ever since. Cables hanging from the ceiling, lights not working, bed and mattresses squeaking, mattress springs stabbing your back/ribs... The provided bed sheets and white towels had yellow & brown stains on them, making me and my friends wonder whether they were ever washed. The room we stayed in had a broken window, which was "repaired" by just leaning an acrylic glass against the window frame. This hostel does not have a working A/C, although it is often stated as feature/equipment in hostel listings. This is far from being a "clean and modern hostel" as described on their website. Pretty much as far from it as it gets. I don't think I will be staying at Victoria Gay Hostel again, unless some major improvements are made.

    • oskarmorett
      oskarmorett Over a year ago
      Hates it

      Not Gay at all
      I stayed there for 4 nite, it doesn't feel like a hostel at all, the ppl who sated there are straigth and not touris, beside of the good location if you looking for a fun place and to meet ppl this is not the hostel to pick!