100% love it
Lavish surrealism just north of Soho
Trendy, stylish and playfully designed Ian Schrager/Philippe Starck enterprise in a former 1960s furniture store. One of two Schrager/Starck hotels, along with St. Martin's Lane. Certainly not for everyone, but if you're passing by you might have a look inside and steal a ride up one of the two elevators (UK = lift) with their trippy, cosmic holographic interiors. If you fancy a drink, the 80-foot Long Bar — just on the right as you enter the hotel — offers a certain introduction to buzzy/fashionable London. The dark, hallucinogenic and more exclusive Purple Bar is accessible to only those staying in the hotel.


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      disco7777 Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Life's a party
      THis has got to be the most exuberant hotel I have ever stayed in - the party starts at the Long Bar and ends in your room. Love this hotel: accomodations, staff, ambience, elevators.