Haus of Royalz Present: But Did You See Me Pam?


We’re back in town bringing you QUEER AS FUCK entertainment - the perfect remedy for those January blues and helping you say fuck you to New Year Resolutions. You are PERFECT exactly how you are.

So to help procrastinate and distract you, we’ve got brand fucking NEW performances ripping up that stage from our classic Haus of Royalz members. AND guest spots from the phenomenal new talent in the London Drag Scene including some fresh meat “Draguating” from the Michael Twaits’ Drag Course.

We’ll all be tackling the most important question that our generation has ever faced: “But did you see ME Pam?”

Lady Gaga has her Monsters, Beyonce has the BeyHive, Valentina has...wait, what does she have?...

AND Haus of Royalz; we have our Pams!

This show is all about YOU! Our wonderful, beautiful Pams, who keep us going even during these dark winter nights, during the laddered tights and the knotted wigs, during meaty tucks and shitty gigs. You’re the reason we do anything at all!

Its our tribute as we aim to make you as proud as possible to call yourselves our fanbase (all four of you)! So this is our show, dedicated to you. Just for you. And no one else. Only you.

Thank you Pam!