October Gay Ping Pong & Wonderball


London Lads are delighted to invite you to our October gay ping pong event, for a fun-filled afternoon of great ping pong games and activities, coupled with social mixing and drinks with other great blokes!

You will get to play a range of ping pong games and activities with other friendly gay guys in an attitude-free and clique-free group.

It should be a fantastic opportunity to socialise, have loads of fun and make some new friends! There will also be good music and a great selection of bar food to order!

We are visiting the home of Ping Pong (or table tennis as some would call it) for an entertaining and social experience, combining an outrageously fun activity with a highly enjoyable and unique social event.

We will have exclusive use of three tables and the surrounding area, with one table being one of their new ‘Wonderball’ game tables, which is a fun and immersive variation of the game!

We will divide attendees into groups and let the games begin! Whilst we don’t mind a straight forward game, we will provide you with details of fun and quirky group variations, including round the world ping pong.

The night is not a competitive tournament, but more focused on fun and plain silliness for all to enjoy!

It will not be a dull afternoon, as there will be music, a fully-stocked bar and even food to order if you want. It will be a great opportunity to socialise, have fun and make some new friends!


We will gather from 3:00pm in the bar at the venue to process check-in and do the admin stuff. Our games start promptly at 4pm. Please be punctual. Any arrivals after 3.45pm may miss the start of the games!

Subject to demand, we may stay on after for a meal in the in-house restaurant or go elsewhere for food and/or drinks after the games.

You will pay us £7 on the day. Upon arrival, find us in the venue somewhere near the main bar. We will have ‘LONDON LADS’ signs on display. You must pay us upon arrival to take part in the ping pong activities. We prefer CASH payment - especially if you can try and have the correct amount. There are cash machines nearby, so stop off first if necessary. If you’re late, we wont wait for you to arrive before starting the games, so make sure to be there for 3:45pm the latest to get your full money’s worth.

If you're new, then you are very welcome to come along and join! Just RSVP and find us in the venue on the night and you'll receive a warm welcome!

Your ping pong ability, or lack of it, is not something to be embarrassed about when joining us, as we will be playing for fun, to have a laugh and to be social.

...ON YOUR OWN: Don't be worried about coming along on your own. You won't be left feeling like billy-no-mates! We will make sure you're greeted and introduced to other guys who, like you, found the courage to come along unaccompanied and join in the fun.

...WITH A MATE OR TWO: Grab a mate or two and bring them along for a great night out. We can make sure you are put in a team together. Simply let us know on the night that you are together when you are checking in with us. We do ask that you still socialise with the rest of the wider group.

If you are joining friends who are playing or we have already met you at one of our recent events, then you can join us simply to socialise, but it will not be as much fun as taking part - please do still RSVP and indicate that you are not playing.

The venue has a fully-stocked bar. They also provide great food from their a la carte and bar menus, and have a great reputation for their pizzas. More info on all their food options, including allergens, can be found here: http://www.bouncepingpong.com/menus

Antisocial behaviour or discrimination of any kind is not welcome at our events. If you are not in the mood to socialise with other guys on the day then please do not attend. Behaviour of a cruising or sexualised nature is also not welcome.


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