ShayShay presents 'The I Don't Know Show!' Oct 25


Wednesdays in October we're serving Sass, Panache and Snap! on tap as breakout star turned bona-fied scene queen ShayShay presents...
*The I DON'T KNOW Show*

This brand-new, totally retro, Wednesday night game show will test you on useless trivia with a throwback game show showdown onstage.

Think Blankety Blank, The Price is Right and Password.. with an East London twist. The perfect evening to compliment your life of day time TV. And like TV - it's FREE!

Californian-raised ShayShay is hot Dalston property these days - a double LIPSYNC1000 finalist, a Miss Sink The Pink (2015), plus countless other drag accolades, dance moves and secrets stuffed into her sharp handbag. You'll love her!

No clue what the answer is? It doesn’t matter babes!
It’s ‘The I Don’t Know Show’

The Price is Right...
The Prizes are Shite..
It's hosted by a drag queen and we sell pints... WIN WIN!



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