Athena's '80s Hair Party


ATHENA is back - with a special '80s hair party. We celebrate all things big and bouffy! As well as our usual serving of fab '80s tunes and visuals we will be worshipping and the alter of '80s Hair! We'll have plenty of wigs, power ballads, and a wind machine so you can live out your Bonnie Tyler fantasies. plus our Poster Girls will be giving us power dressing realness.

Crimped, Back-combed, mulleted ot or just drenched in 3 cans of Elnett - '80s hair will rule the night!


ATHENA puts the straight face back into the '80s, a decade when fierce meant fierce and a surly pout was the essential dance floor accessory.
We guarantee the best sights and sounds from the decade before irony and will keep you partying til dawn.

Residents Paul Joseph (PopHorror, Carpet Burn) and Gareth Hackney (Bar Wotever, Eagle VHS) will provide the finest tunes of the decade including those favourites you never knew you loved.

Pop - Disco - New Wave- Electronica - Hi-NRG - Euro pop - Dance - Power Pop - Italo Disco

From the likes of:

ABBA - Hazell Dean - Madonna - Blondie - Belinda Carlisle - Missing Persons - Lime - Angela - Dead or Alive - New Order - Pet Shop Boys - Miquel Brown - Spagna - Miami Sound Machine - Bucks Fizz - Whitney Houston -Salt n Pepa - Divine - Frida - The Belle Stars - Bow Wow Wow - Human League - The Flirts - Erasure - Propaganda - Depeche Mode - Chaka Khan - Grandmaster Flash - Spagna - Radiorama - Yazoo - Grace Jones - S'Express - Frankie Goes to Hollywood - Bananarama - Kylie Minogue - The Go-Gos - Taylor Dayne - Visage - Kim Wilde - Desireless - Soft Cell - Paula Abdul - Salt n Pepa - and much much more!

When you think ATHENA think:

Campari – Club Tropicana – Drakkar Noir – The Milk Tray Man – Falcon crest –Power Ballads –White Ties - Epcot Center - Sunbeds – Saxaphones – Brooke Shields - Palm Trees - Smurfette –Vienetta– Soda Stream - Clockhouse at C&A – Silk Cuts – Crimped Hair – Raybans – Lacoste – Cadbury’s Flake –Moonlighting – Don Johnson – Sony Walkman – Neon – Cinzano –Filofax – Deck Shoes –Max Headroom – Satin Sheets


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