Queerz Night Pride Special


You're invited to our Queerz Night Pride Special this coming July.

Following the success of our last event, we hired the back area of The Pilgrim in Oval/Vauxhall on Wednesday the 26th July 2017.

There will 54 spaces up for grabs. We're going to spice things up this time by mixing the teams around once again. I will put together the 9 teams of six myself and it will hopefully be fair and square.

Another 6 trophies are up for grabs as well as £50 bar tap, a bottle of prosecco, wine and other fabulous bonus round prizes.

There will be £3 participation fee. Happy hour is from 7-9pm, where they do £3 for a G&T, £2.50 for a Heineken, £3 for a glass of prosecco etc.

The quiz will start at 8pm on the dot.

Hope to see your pretty faces there xx


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