L-U-V Madonna Presents 'You Can Dance'


"Everybody wants to shine.
Don't stand in the sideline, step into the light
But it's got to come from inside
Listen to your heart and step into the...Spotlight!"

That's right MuthaF****rs
L-U-V Madonna is BACK and this time 'You can Dance'...for inspiration.

2017 sees the 5th year we have taken over our favourite secret West End boozer The Retro Bar to celebrate M's birthday. Expect the usual live clips, DJs, Guest acts and great atmosphere. All held together by the master of ceremonies Mr David Robson

As it's The Retro Bar and 2017 sees the 30th anniversary of some of M's biggest hits and fan favourites we'll be sure to dance sing, get up and do our thing to the likes of....
Open Your Heart,
La Isla Bonita,
Who's That Girl,
Causin' a Commotion,
The Look of Love and much, much more!

Taking time out from her weekly west end sell out at The Phoenix we have a special performance from the stunning Vanity Von Glow.

David and The Retro Bar team



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