The Totes Materialistic Xtravaganzah


Times are tough. Life is hard. Shit is heavy... The Virgin Mary wants to let her veil down! Once again, London's premier Virgin is throwing one of her epic Xtravaganzah's at the historic Royal Vauxhall Tavern! This show is aout the materialistic side of life- throwing care to the wind, and just allowing onself to not give a f*&$ for once about all the deep and meaningful shi%$ that assho*& Gawd throws our way all the time! Civilisation as we know it might be crumbling beneath our feet, but that doesn't mean we can't still enjoy this finer things in life... LIKE THIS LINEUP!!

*Lavinia Co Op*


*Lick Von Dyke*


*Drag King Cole*

With celestial appearences and tunes from *Tete Bang* and of course the incomparable show stealer *Lilly Snatchdragon* plus all new #Material from the curator and hostess- *Virgin Xtravaganzah* !!!



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