BETTINA SCHROEDER: Future Relics Vibe Gallery


BETTINA SCHROEDER: Future Relics Vibe Gallery

Private View: Thurs 31.Jan 2013 6.30 - 9.30pm

FUTURE RELICS, Bettina Schroeder Exhibition 31Jan - 13Feb 2013 Private View: Thurs 31Jan 6.30 - 9.30pm The title FUTURE RELICS refers to the fact that everyday objects like plastic bags and even cars will become extinct in the not so distant future. On one level the works on show are approachable and intentionally playful; canvases knitted from plastic bags overlaid with appliqué and found objects, a heavenly dress saving toy animals from all 'evil'. On another, deeper level they comment on environmental, cultural and political issues, such as the fight for natural resources, environmental changes, and the 'throwaway mentality' in old and new industrialized societies. Re-using the carrier bags in knitted form demonstrates a reversal of the negative process of waste and destruction, and the construction of something positive. [1]


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