TOMORROW: Resolution! Chris Pavia + Tom Bowes Dance + Mazzilli Dance Theatre


Tuesday 15th January 8:00pm
Chris Pavia + Tom Bowes Dance + Mazzilli Dance Theatre
A triple bill of contemporary dance as part of Resolution! 2013

Tickets £14/£11:
020 7121 1100

The Place
Robin Howard Dance Theatre
17 Duke's Road, London

You are invited to an evening of varied contemporary dance. Witness three separate works choreographed by Chris Pavia, Tom Bowes and Annarita Mazzilli.
Experience not only sheer physicality, stunning technique, but delicate intricacy and dance theatre performed by world class performers.

'Captured by the Dark'
Two dancers are caught in a loop, dragged from and drawn to one moment.
StopGAP dancer Chris Pavia choreographs to an original soundtrack by award winning composer Dougal Irvine.

Dancers: Lisa Kobdish, Ashley Hind, Jenny Reeves, Tennealle Johnson-Roll
Four feral characters delve into the uncertainty of the unknown. A vast desolate landscape ensnares them as they long to find escape and purpose.
A 20minute contemporary dance quartet performed by a cast of international dancers to an original sound score composed by Francis Western-Smith.
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‘For How Much?’
Using a mixture of live and recorded music this dance theatre piece raises questions about human trafficking for forced labor, and how what we buy affects the lives of others.

"A powerful and deeply human choreography, performed with energy and emotion, For How Much? is thought-provoking and moving." London Dance
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