Carpet Burn gives homoge to PWL with Johnny Kalifornia!!


They ruled the charts for most of the 80s and it's where a certain diminutive girl from Oz put the lezza-esque dungarees away and began her monumental pop career. Ja! Stock, Aitken & Waterman churned out number one hits like Michael Barrymore makes a right c*nt of himself: often! Their roster as writers or producers is wee-emitting - DEAD OR ALIVE (the good stuff), PRINCESS (she sure was our number one (hit wonder)), HAZELL "BEAN" DEAN, BANANARAMA, MEL & KIM, MALCOLM MCLAREN, SONIA ("It's great!"), REYNOLDS GIRLS, MANDY SMITH, SINITTA, the most famous page 3 girl in the world who is now dating Myra Hindley, DONNA SUMMER (gawd bless ya!), er, Pat & Mick... yeah, wotevs, BIG FUN, SYBIL, even DIVINE had her pudgy foot in the door and, of course, KYLIE!!

So to celebrate the super cheese melt that is the PWL Reunion gig at Hyde Park on Wednesday 11th we're wheeling out all those hits you used to dance around your bedroom to while the other boys were out foraging for fanny and playing footie! Not only that, as it's Pride night it's FREE to get in before 11pm, FREE BBQ in the garden, FREE shots, FREE rimjob from whoever is on the door when you arrive (might be Jean), PLUS TWO FREE TICKETS to give away for Hyde Park in a FREE raffle. If it gets any more fucking fun or free we'll be paying off your friggin' mortgage for you!

JOHNNY KALIFORNIA on the decks fluffed by some old crone (that'll be Martyn then).

Carpet Burn's going back to its roots!



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