From Here to Eternity: Sunil Gupta. A Retrospective

From Here to Eternity is the first major retrospective of UK-based photographer, Sunil Gupta, who was born in 1953 in New Delhi, then relocated to Montreal before studying at the Royal College of Art in London. Gupta has been using photography as a critical practice since the 1970s, whether subversive, impulsive, personal and political, with a focus on family, race, migration and the complexities and taboos relating to sexuality and homosexual life. His work has been instrumental in raising awareness around the political realities concerning the fight for international gay rights.

This current exhibtion covers a range of works, from street photography (Christopher Street, 1976) to narrative portraits (From Here to Eternity, 1999), alongside highly staged and constructed scenes (The New Pre-Raphaelites, 2008) and a selection of early investigations into digital image making (Trespass, London, 1992-1995).

From participating in New York's active Gay Liberation Movement in the 1970s to his more recent campaigning for gay liberation in India, Sunil Gupta has been inspirational to generations of photographic activists and LGBTQ+ rights campaigners.

From Here to Eternity: Sunil Gupta contains nudity and language of a sexual nature.