Chariots (Vauxhall)

50% love it
Under the influence under the arches
The last surviving sauna overseen by the previously London-wide Chariots chain, following the spring 2018 closure of the Waterloo branch. Featuring a hot spa pool, two large saunas and two large steam rooms, two video rooms and numerous rest areas. This branch always attracted a younger and more clubby clientele than its now-defunct siblings owing to its Vauxhall location (under railway arches, ever so close to Vauxhall tube station). For the record, the Limehouse branch of Chariots closed in 2014 — reopened as Sailors [see entry] — and the original 1996 Shoreditch branch followed in February 2016, as did the Streatham outlet.


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      Gaysaunaboy Over a year ago
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      Read my review about this place and more on my blog. see below
      Since last time, I think, they have refurbished the Jacuzzi, which is definitely the best element of this sauna. It is the only place that looks somewhat new and maintained. Check out my full review about this place: