The Underground Club (basement of Central Station)

96% love it
Basement bar hosting the full whack of special-interest fetish nights
Sleazy space directly underneath popular Kings Cross bar Central Station [see entry]. You won't find a fuller spectrum of sexual interests catered to in one London location. Depending on the afternoon, early evening or night, the bar specializes in sportswear, underwear, watersports, slaves and masters, CP, trannies, skinheads, foot/footwear fetishists, diaper wearers and more. Check website for schedule. Central Station operates a B&B on the upper floors. Tube station: King's Cross St Pancras.


    • Aaroni11
      Aaroni11 Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Feet club could be longer
      I would success, the feet club would be the whole Saturday afternoon and evening. Now on fridays from 7 pm to 12 pm, four times to be foot slave, is a quite short time. The S.O.P. is much better on Sundays than Tuesdays; on Sunday it is enough time to have piss sex with many partners.

    • richard.kiddle
      richard.kiddle Over a year ago
      Hates it

      The Managers should give up-VILE.
      I have only one thing to say. The smell in the Basement Club-which leaks upstairs to the bar & possibly to the hotel rooms is overpowering & disgusting. The smell is a mixture of urine and faeces. I noticed that Martin-the owner-criticised another reviewer for saying the place was rancid. Well I'm sorry but that is the only description for the foul smell that now overpowers these premises. It's an absolute disgrace. Not only that but on some nights punters are expected to pay £5 to £6 entry for the privelidge of being in a club that stinks to the high heavens,hasn't had a lick of paint in years & rarely has more than 15-20 people in it. I think it is worth pointing out to people considering staying here that the Basement club has put this delicately..water sport nights in the basement for many years-twice a week. The stench from this is in the very fabric of the building,there is damp in some parts of the basement., fungus on walls-honestly it can make you gag. It is obvious to me that the owners have ZERO interest in the health,hygiene and decor of the Underground club and by implication the health and comfort of its customers. Shameful.

    • pantiesfan
      pantiesfan Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Underground/ Pants.
      Great afternoon fun for men who want to meet men,great music and friendly atmosphere,nice lay-out with dark corners,and a maze affect that really makes this place special. see you all this friday 20th and saturday 21st.

    • silverfox23
      silverfox23 Over a year ago
      Loves it

      afternoon Pants / naked sessions
      Afternoons can be really hot or quiet, depends who is in and whether you are prepared to make the first move - if you are you will be rewarded. Action anywhere and everywhere in the basement club, dark areas and open areas divided by black curtaining creating a "maze" effect. Condoms and lube freely available. Bar prices reasonable and barmen often cute! Great for a bit of afternoon fun - tends to be more mature crowd but unlikely to be posers!