CumUnion (at the Flying Dutchman)

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Monthly London outlet of predominantly American "international gay sex party" CumUnion, specializing in play for the uninhibited and possibly unhinged. Located on both the ground floor and in the sleazy basement of LGBTQ-friendly arts venue The Flying Dutchman in south London's Camberwell, CumUnion comes equipped with sling, St Andrew's Cross, fisting chair, steel cage and more. Group action is practically de rigeur. Tube stations: Elephant & Castle and London Bridge, then buses 343 or 136.


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      readymade 7 months ago
      Hates it

      The "organizers" (and I use that term loosely) showed up almost two hours late, leaving everyone to just mill about the bar. Yet they still charged everyone the full admission price. After arriving it was another 45 minute wait until the play area opened. Then, after I'd been there an hour, the doorman/"organizer" walked up to me and scolded me for being dressed. "There's a dress code," he said, "no one fully clothed, as nude as possible." Oh really? Nowhere on the website, or during the long wait, or when I checked my jacket did anyone say that. "I'm leaving," I said, having shortly before dumped my load in a muscled guy's ass, who didn't care at all that I had on some clothes. It still gets 2 stars only because the guys there were super slutty.