SBN/NBN (at Mirror Arch, Fire)

85% love it
Let me see you stripped down to the bone
In 2008 the owners of the now-defunct Hoist turned their 1990s leather bar on its head to accommodate the 21st-century taste for naked cruising, culminating in the 'nakedisation' of the grandiose Arch 1 on Saturday nights from November 2012, thus relegating traditional mainstay leather and rubber fetish wearers to the more boutique Arch 2 (aka Bar Berlin). The ever swellingly popular and buzzy SBN (Stark Bollock Naked) started as a Sunday afternoon deviation before spreading its legs to the Saturday night slot. SBN's marginally more demure sibling, NBN (Nearly Bollock Naked), followed soon after. Undaunted by the demise of the Hoist in December 2016, organiser and Hoist veteran Jamie HP [see entry] has given the club an afterlife, staging various themed events in the arch at the back of Vauxhall stalwart Fire, with continually buzzy Sunday slots for the overlapping SBN (2–10pm) and NBN (6–10pm). Located one minute from Vauxhall tube station.


    • Great event !!
      Having been to H-Party boys nights before I wanted to try the other events they have on. SBN in fire was awesome, I have attended twice and plan to go again. The guys are very mixed and all very Horny exactly what I was looking for. The venue is nice and the Music is good. I made some good friends and had a lot of 'fun' . If your every free on a Sunday and feeling up for some fun I'd defiantly recommend visiting SBN.

    • An afternoon of romance ....
      Definitely not the place to go if you're after a bit of romance of a Sunday afternoon. However if you like slings, and dark rooms and hot men running round with their spanners hanging out you'll love it. The place is big, dark, well equipped for the activities at hand and there are guys across a range of ages and types a plenty. Its one of those places you always hoped existed but never really though did. The whole place is really relaxed. There aren't loads of rules, or things you have got to do, or shouldn't ever do. The staff are really straightforward, friendly and helpful. You can just roll up, strip down and throw yourself into the fun. It is definitely THE place to have fun in London on a Sunday afternoon.

    • Jb2017
      Jb2017 8 months ago
      Loves it

      Best day out in london
      This place is amazing I have been to in london. The bad reviews don't make sense as this place is phenomenal the guys are always hot and the music is great. What he's talking about with the staff is rubbish they are all friendly and make you feel safe. The security team don't judge you or pass any comments. Take my word for it. A great day out for those that like being naked! Well done to JamieHP for continuing the parties!

    • PhilipI
      PhilipI Over a year ago
      Hates it

      Gone downhill
      You probably won't get it because the doorman likes to randomly refused entry. The usual excuse is that he "thinks you have been taking drugs" or "it's just a feeling I have that you shouldn't get in". Expect the fourth degree in questions, having your pockets searched, and your heartrate monitored. If you do get in, expect a filthy, small and badly maintained club. Avoid

    • hslut
      hslut Over a year ago
      Loves it

      hot place, hot crownd....(second hottest place after HARD ON parties)
      like the place ! like to be exhib and sometimes sexperformer in this gay club ! that's really hot cool and fucking is always possible and easy (on stage or in the dark!!) music is good and bartenders cool!