Muse Soho Formerly: Labels

100% love it
Cocktails, French food and women
A dark and atmospheric Soho basement queer hideaway formerly marked by a gay-male-friendly 'women first' policy (and still unofficially girl-dominant). Three depressed alcove areas provide escape outlets for semi-private hanging out. Food is French with a spicy Asian twist, and is served at all times. Located just north of Old Compton St, immediately around the corner from the area's two other girl-friendly institutions: She Soho and Girls Go Down (at G-A-Y Bar).


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    • TaraG
      TaraG Over a year ago

      My Muse Soho bar review
      Hello. I have went to Muse Soho bar for my first time. It has an intimate setting since it is small and it is comfortable to have conversations because how the tables and other sitting areas are positioned. The servers were welcoming and made sure you were doing well throughout the night. Now I love to dance so when I had heard a few songs played, me and others in the place were dancing and enjoying ourselves for sure. The music was great and its sound was where you could it hear it while people were chatting. Until towards the end of the night around midnight, the music begins to become quiet. So I went to the dj and asked "I cannot hear the music would you please turn it up", the manager/owner came over and stated "I can only have the music at this level because we are the only lesbian bar open until 4am and I do not want to have a noise complaint. I started this bar around two years ago so I do not want to mess that up." I was highly surprised at her response because I have done my research before going to this bar and learned there are djs playing here a lot. So this definitely made me put my coat on and leave soon after.

    • Sarahcollins
      Sarahcollins Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Lovely place
      Went there last Saturday march 30th Was my partner's birthday. We had such a good time! What a lovely place, really nice food, great cocktails, reasonable prices, friendly staff, cool atmosphere. After the tasty meal we decided to stay longer for few more drinks... We definitely recommend this place and we will be coming back for more !

    • Lovely, friendly establishment.
      We celebrated a girlfriend's birthday at Labels last weekend and it was our first time there. The cocktails were perfection in a glass, using only the best ingredients and garnishes. The food on offer was also great but the selection was a little bit on the short side. All in all my girlfriends and I had a great night out. We will definitely be back soon.