Club No. 65 Formerly: Factory / Club Covert

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GayCities Members report that Club No. 65 has closed
DJs, dancing and men (and women) in Vauxhall
A spacious non-cruisy venue under two Vauxhall arches, No. 65 opened in summer 2013 in the space previously occupied by Covert/Club Covert, which had opened in May 2012 (following the demise of Factory). The club has four bars and two dance areas, augmented by expensive lighting, sound and effects. Attracts a mixed gay/straight male/female crowd, though with definitely a gay presence, both in staff and clientele. Located next door to Chariots, one minute from Vauxhall tube station.


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    • Jjourdanzz
      Jjourdanzz Over a year ago
      Hates it

      Not happy
      The venue is very nice however it is let down by the door staff that treat people like animals. I got assaulted the other day and was pinned down whilst the security staff kneeled on my chest and throat blocking my airways at which point I shouted "can't breath numerous times" to no avail and I laid there for 10 mins

    • tomthumb
      tomthumb Over a year ago
      Hates it

      Covert, be careful of them giving your counterfeit notes
      Went to this club last weekend. Travelling from Australia. Handed them a 50 pound note for 2 entrance fees and given a 20 pound note plus coin as change. Later went to use the 20 pound note only to be told rudely by the barman that it was counterfeit and he would not hand it back. He was very rude and doorman advised that he could not assist. Be careful as the barman could provide no evidence and he quickly put it aside. Did not ask anyone else to confirm. After explaining it was given to me by at the entrance he did not care and was very rude. I can only assume that this is a regular thing that they do to tourists