The Shadow Lounge (Closed Permanently)

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A velvet rope sways in Soho
Glitzy, glamour-loving and low-lit lounge club veering towards a Studio 54 sensibility, with intimate but roomy and party-friendly booths overlooking a sunken illuminated dance floor right out of 1979. A hefty mirror ball dangles above, like a kind of religious icon. Alcove booths are black and aloof, with one of the seven devoted to VIPs. This is a very together club — not too big, great sound sytem and nicely detailed — and occasionally attracts famous people (Elton John, Kylie Minogue etc back in the day). As of June 2016, Wednesdays are BOMBSHELL!, for transvestites, transexuals and their friends and admirers. Fridays are HAUS DU PERVERSE – a "dark and twisted" night of live and theatrical performances, augmented by DJs and go-go dancers. Saturdays are DJ-driven TRIBE, featuring gay porn stars for an audience of "twinks, hunks, otters, bears and trans" etc. Opened in July 2001 in a space previously occupied by gay/straight-porn Astral Cinemas. Refurbished in early 2012, then rebooted in 2014. But then it all ended in September 2016, when the owners announced plans to close the club and then concentrate on neighbouring businesses including Village [see entry].


    • ukflyer
      ukflyer Over a year ago
      Hates it

      A perfectly decent venue, but it doesn't live up to the hype
      The Shadow Lounge makes some bold claims about its appeal and clientele, but I couldn't help but be slightly disappointed. It's certainly well appointed, but it's much smaller than you expect and with tables reserved for groups, the only option for other guests is to stand around the sunken dancefloor. Much is made of The Shadow Lounge's appeal to celebrities, but only in the very broadest sense of the word. The playlist of music for dance/pop venue would seem fine on paper, but the choice of remixes and mixing just didn't work for me. The venue attracts a pretty broad crowd from club kids to mature men and everything in between. Would I return? Probably yes, but not as frequently as many other venues in London.

      JONINEMONIC Over a year ago
      Loves it

      The Entrance Hostess/Bounce Added The 4 Star
      The Club’s exterior façade bears little reference to the actual disco. The dark morose purple/blue exterior lighting and décor is reminiscent of the Regine’s Disco thru the early 90’s, the rope chain, a classic Studio 54; to prevent VIP’s from coming in contact with the wannabes. The ones waiting in sub zero temperature for a change to be let in. On my first visit I arrived early, very dapper, and was quickly greeted by a lady with impeccable manners, and a voice deeper than Barry White. She complimented me on my clothing, and, surmised I was on business or vacation, and quickly ushered me in. I paid the entrance fee and there is a long hallway that promises to open up to a super disco place; NOT! The entire entrance is like smoke and mirrors to project. The actual dance floor, bar and bathroom combined on a lower second level floor must be less that 4K S.F. The sunken dance floor looked identical to a small circular underground swimming pool, surrounded by a small deck, and converted to a dance floor; That’s how small, and claustrophobic if looks. There is only one bar, and by luck it would be located at the extreme end of the circular deck. Getting a drink is a challenge, and I decided to get a VIP lounge; the size of a bathroom stall, not private, and bar service to the VIP section is glacial at best. The bartenders and some waiters had the disposition of angry, unfed alligators; maybe the attitude is part of the disco theme. One bathroom for all sexes, and is multi-tasking. It servers to relieve yourself, have a quick torrid soirée, offers to sell you drugs. I was even offered sex for monetary compensation; I think it’s called prostitution. Those Brits really know how to maximize bathroom down time!! The bathroom attendants are oblivious to all that’s going on, they will pull a napkin to clean your hands and expect a pound in return; a spray of men’s cologne will set you back 3 more pounds. People really drink in these places, and one guy got really drunk. Next thing I see is the charming lady that greeted me at the door almost hoisting the guy with one hand on the shoulder at putting out on the street, it looked like a scene from the Bionic woman. We became best friends. I went several times again, intrigued by the dichotomy of extremely charming lady, and the strength of a Sumo wrestler.