Resistence Gallery

Art and performance, but not for the squeamish
A multi-functional 2,200-square-foot east London arts, performance and gallery space that embraces all manner of extremes and self-expression, aimed at the underground, the subcultural, the left-field, the weird, the geek and the unique, from the dreamers to the downtrodden. Not content to do just five or ten things, Resistance offers an art exhibition space, art boutique, theatre, avant-garde gatherings, cabaret, comedy, burlesque, Gorelesque (performances using fake blood), freak show, sideshow, photographic shoots, filming and video location, book/magazine launches, live music, combat, dance, fetish, multimedia installation experiences, games nights, festivals, workshops and more including the UK's only school for Lucha libre (a form of Mexican wrestling with colourful masks). Opened 2009. Tube station: Bethnal Green. Overground: Cambridge Heath.